Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Fall...

Oh, how I've missed you!  While I am sad that the pools days are over, I relish this time of open windows and snuggling under the blankets.  Today is the first day that Ethan has worn pants to school in a loooong time.  Fortunately, Aunt RaRa got him a few pairs of pants a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately, these are a 4T and the length is perfect.  I only say that it's unfortunate because I was really hoping that these pants would get him through the season, and now I'm just not sure!  This was taken on our way to school this morning.  Looks like we will also be retiring the dino hoodie which I know he will not be happy about.

Speaking of growing, we think Ethan just went threw a spell of growing pains.  For a few nights in a row, he woke up complaining that his legs hurt.  Not to mention he has been eating like a bottomless pit!!  A few weeks ago he ate 2 foot-long corn dogs in a matter of 30 minutes and said he was still hungry!  Looks like it's time to measure him again.

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