Thursday, September 24, 2009

Football Fun

After being stuck inside for more days than I care to think about, the rain finally stopped, the sun came out, and we were able to go outside and play with our friends.  Ethan was so excited!!!  Carter, Ethan, and Joey enjoyed a game of football in the mud.

And Colby wore some baseball gear that was just a little too big for him. 

We live in such a great neighborhood and we truly love our neighbors.  Every day when we turn into the neighborhood Ethan immediately starts asking if he can go outside when we get home and play with his friends.  When we turn the corner onto our street he gets so happy if he sees the boys (and Emerson) outside.  Luckily we don't live on the main road so the kids can play in the street without having to worry about too many cars. 

On a side note, so people have asked me if we were affected by the rain and how things are in our area.  Monday was a little crazy to say the least.  Marc and I went to work and Ethan went to school.  I heard from Nancy that the police were closing streets right near our house and then that portions of Hwy 92 were closing.  Since this was my way home, my boss let me leave early.  I picked up Ethan and we headed home without a problem.  Marc wasn't so lucky.  He had to turn around twice on his way home and finally found a back way that wasn't closed.  One report said that our area got almost 20" of rain in 3 days!!  Thankfully, our house and neighborhood were not damaged by the rain and everyone is safe.

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