Thursday, May 01, 2008

18 months

Sorry it’s been two months since I’ve done an update! March was pretty calm. We ended the month with Ethan’s first birthday party. Hailey turned 1!!! Ethan had fun at the party. For a while, he was the only boy and he loved all the ladies!! A few days after the party we took Ethan to the doctor and he had a sinus infection and sore throat. After a few days at home and some antibiotics, he was fine.

At Hailey's party

Playing the drums at Aunt RaRa's

Being a rockstar is exshausting!

Since April 14th marked 18 months, Ethan had to go for a check up. I think he’s starting to realize fear of the unknown because for the first time, he HATED the doctor’s office. He cried almost the whole time we were there. Poor kid. The doctor said it’s normal at this age. He checked in at 33” tall and 29 pounds…still tall and thin for his age.

Mowing the lawn with Daddy

Being silly in the bathtub

Ethan had his first hair cut on the 19th!!! And just like the doctor…he hated almost every minute of that as well! I really don’t know how Yumi got his hair cut, but she did and it looks great! I do have to admit that it took me a while to get used to it…I missed his long hair! But it really does look cute and now the hair isn’t hanging in his eyes anymore.


I'm not really sure what's going on...

Maybe this isn't so bad...

Ok, wait...I don't think I like this!!!

Thank goodness it's over!!!

Ethan had his first play date with Gabe…one of his friends at school. Staci brought Gabe and Sadie over one Sunday and we took them to the playground in my neighborhood. The two of them played for 3 hours!! They both slept really well that night!!

At the playground waiting for my buddy Gabe

Gabe playing peek-a-boo

Ethan wants in on the peek-a-boo fun, too
Two peas in a pod!!!

On the 26th we had family pictures and Ethan’s 18 month pictures taken. He was awesome and we got some really cute shots. Here’s a link to the pictures.

While we were waiting for the pictures to be uploaded, we took Ethan to the play area in the mall. He had such a good time! The entire area is soft and sqishy and I think he really enjoyed kinda being on his own. We helped him figure out some of the climbing and sliding, but once he had it, we let him go.

School is still going really well! When I dropped Ethan off the other day his teacher said that he's starting to speak in complete sentences. They were playing outside and he came up to her and said "Ouch, I fell down." We are also working on counting. The other night in the bathtub he counted to 5 all by himself!! So proud!!!