Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trip to Richmond

Two weeks ago we took a short but very sweet trip to Richmond, VA to visit my mom's family.  Gram, Ethan, and I flew out on Thursday night and Marc joined us on Friday after work.  This was the first time flying that Ethan had his own seat and of course, he wanted to sit by the window.

On Friday, Ethan and I spent most of the day with our cousins Faith and Sander.  Sander is a year older than Ethan and they got along so well!  The day was going great until Ethan took a tumble down the stairs and ended up with a bloody nose.  Poor kid...from then on out if he could hurt himself, he did.  It was a very clumsy weekend for him to say the least!

Here he is playing at Sander's house in his BBUs after the fall while his clothes were in the wash.

Saturday we had family pictures taken at Caston Studio.  I cannot wait to get those back!!  Then that night we had a great dinner at Lee and Faith's house.  Ethan had a blast playing with Ali. 

Sunday afternoon after brunch, we headed home.  Before we left, I had to get a picture of Ethan with Uncle Macaroni and Aunt Wheezy (Ronnie and Louise).

Then he promptly fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport...

And decided he wanted apple juice on the plane...this time giving me the window seat :)


For us, Halloween actually started on Friday!  Ethan got to dress up for school and have a party.  As you can see, he decided to be a Georgia football player.  We already had the jersey and helmet from last Hanukkah and he got the football pants and cleats for his birthday this year.  All that was missing was pads.  No problem!  We took Marc's old hockey pads and voila!  Instant football player!!

Here are Ethan, Jordan, and Audrey during the parade.  They gather ALL of the students and one class at a time, they start walking the circle around the entrance to the school.  There were some really clever costumes this year!

Here is Ethan's class, along with Pre-2.  See Spongbob?!  That was probably the most creative costume I've seen!  London's mom made it from felt and a cardboard box.  She was so cute...the only problem was that she couldn't sit down like everyone else!

On Saturday, our friends the Parkers came over to trick or treat with us.  You might remember Gabe (aka Batman)...he's Ethan's best friend.  His older brother, Dilyn and younger sister, Sadie came too.  The kids had a great time, despite the nasty weather.

And here is Ethan with his neighborhood friends...Carter, Colby, Emerson, and Ben