Wednesday, March 12, 2008

February 08

February was a fun-filled month!! Lori, Karl, Reece, and Aunt Debbie came to visit a few weeks ago. We spent the weekend down at Nana and Papa’s…Ethan and Reece had a great time together! Saturday, we went to a pageant and then to Hunter’s soccer game. Alyssa and Lexi won their divisions and Hunter played a great game! Sunday we took Ethan and Reece to have their picture made together at Target. Ethan wasn’t very happy, but we got some good shots.

Ethan and Reece in the tub

That Monday we went to Pine Mountain for the Wild Animal Safari. We all piled in a van with no windows and Aunt Meme drove us through the park. The animals would come up to the windows asking for food. Ethan wasn’t too sure about it at first, but then he got into it and really seemed to enjoy himself. The highlight of the day was when one of the giraffes stuck his head through the drives side window to get to Judi sitting in the passenger seat. It really was amazing to have this huge giraffe head right in front of your face!

Marc and I both have new jobs. Marc is now a consultant for Software Link and I am working for Synovus Financial as an Accounting/Tax Associate doing AP work. It’s so awesome to work 15 minutes away from home. I get to sleep later, get to work earlier, and pick Ethan up about an hour earlier than we used to. I love having the extra time in the evenings, especially now with the time change.

One of his favorite meals...SPAGHETTI!!

Ethan seems to be learning something new everyday. He repeats just about anything we say, so we really have to be careful!! He can now say: Mommy, Dadda, Nana, Papa, Meme, RaRa (that’s what he calls Robyne), banana, ball, bat, hat, juice, milk, shoe, out, down, please, thank you, night night, Mickey (for Mickey Mouse), Pooh, Manny (Handy Manny), bottle, yellow, purple, blue, green, red, eat, two, eye, belly button, baby, book, bath, Sabo, dog, duck, fish, agua, otter, giraffe, up, owl, bib, beep beep, cookie, more, no, sit down, drop it, bear, waffle, apple, and mine. I'm sure there are a few more words that I've left out.

Now Ethan points at the cat and says “Meow” and he can tell you what a chicken says (bak bak), what a rooster says (doodle do), what an owl says (hoo hoo) and what a duck does (he’ll flap his arms and say duck duck). He’ll point out Marc and I in pictures and anyone that’s smaller than him is a “baby.” Occasionally, when you ask him what a monkey eats, he’ll say “banana” but not consistently.

He’s almost mastered doing a somersault on his own. His new favorite thing is to climb onto our big green chair, lie on this tummy, and flip off the chair. We’ve been working on catching a ball and he’s have a blast kicking the soccer ball. Ethan is also picking up on commands really well. He likes to put all of his books on the floor, but we’ll tell him “pick up your books and just bring one over here” and he’ll do it. It’s really amazing how quickly he’s picking up on things.

Marc and Ethan reading "Little Spot of Color"...the book of choice for the moment

This is why Ethan won't be moving to a "big boy bed" anytime soon! He'd fall right out!