Monday, August 10, 2009

Roam the Dome

This past Saturday Marc, Uncle Jimmy, Ethan, and Hailey went to the Georgia Dome for the Falcons pre-season "Roam the Dome" event. The newspaper describes this event as "...a very family friendly affair that allowed the kids to run around and enjoy themselves, concessions were open, and there were games and activities after the scrimmage." Unfortunately, they never made it down to the field, but here are some of the pictures Marc took from the day.

Thanks to Marc and Jimmy for taking the kiddos! Hilary and I got a TON of scrapping done and the kids had a great time!!


Shelby said...

How cute.. I love that Ethan and Hailey get to hang out! I am so behind on my scrapbook!!! Can I come play? :( Wish I lived closer.

Shelby said...

Really?? on the nap thing? That makes me feel so much better!! Love your new word for Madison HEE HEE! :)