Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's a Strike...It's a Spare...It's Ethan's First Bowling Trip!

Thank the heavens above that my child takes after Marc when it comes to athleticism. He can hit a baseball, throw a football, shoot a basketball, and kick a soccer ball. He has all but mastered the Wii Sports (with the small exception of tennis) and his coordination surpasses mine. Yes, the child has been blessed with all of the athletic bones that passed me by. YAHOO!!

We decided on Saturday that it was time. Time to throw him into the world of REAL bowling...not just bowling on TV (the Wii). And I must say, to no surprise, he did great! Once Marc showed him the fine art of the granny-role, he was in business! And we were not allowed to help. He would let us stand with him, but we could NOT touch the ball. Oh no.

Game 1, he bowled a respectable 45. Of course we had the bumpers up, but we quickly learned that this does not mean that you are guaranteed to knock down pins every time. The bumpers stop short about 2 feet from the pins...just enough room for the ball to squeeze by. Nice. Game 2, he rose up to a 71!!! I know it doesn't really count, but in the 8th frame, he missed all the pins on the first ball and then got them all with the second...so that's kind-of a strike, right? Well, at least it is for a 2 1/2 year old!

We were also lucky to have a nice family in the lane next to us. They were taking their time and didn't mind that we were taking our time as well. They even cheered for Ethan when he did well. Ethan did keep trying to bowl on their lane though...he'd put the ball down and we'd all yell out "NO!! Not that one!" and one of us would run up there to point him in the right direction.

After we finished, we had dinner at where else but Chick-a-lay! All day Sunday he kept telling me "Mommy, I so had fun real bowling with Daddy and with you Mommy!"

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