Monday, July 06, 2009

What a weekend!

I take back what I said in the last post about Ethan not sleeping past 7:00 am. Saturday and Sunday we all slept until 8:15 and it was GREAT!! Most days during the week I am up at 5:15. What a shocker to wake up to the sun shining!
Ethan's 4th of July shirt. I know it's not traditional, but I couldn't help myself!
Saturday we spent the morning around the house. Gram and Mr. Tom came over and we spent the afternoon at the pool and then joined some of our neighbors for fireworks. Thanks to the Faletras and Stokeses for inviting us to join you!

Ethan and Mommy
Yummy cupcake goodness...and another shot of the great t-shirt!
Gram and Mr. Tom
Marc and I

Ethan and Jonathon Faletra

Ethan on the trike and Marc on the clown bike

I wasn't sure how Ethan would handle the fireworks, but as you can see by the look on his face, he LOVED them!!!

A tad but unsure at first...

Squeals of joy over the fireworks

Like father, like son

What an exhausting day!

Sunday morning was pretty lazy. The weather was overcast and rainy and I was hoping it wouldn't interfere with the Bermans coming over. Ethan was excited for Hailey to come swimming with him. Luckily, the rain held off and we got to go for a dip. Hailey is just getting the hang of the floaties and was doing such a great job of swimming by herself! After the pool we came back to the house for dinner and then the kiddos went to sleep. Ethan let Hailey sleep in his bed and he slept in ours for a while.

If you listen really closely you can hear them saying "Come on Mommy!"

Ethan and Hailey helping Hilary pull the wagon o' stuff.

Caught snackin

Ethan showing Hailey the fine art of jumping off the stairs

Hailey and I makin faces at each other

They are so cute!

Marc reading Hailey and Ethan a story before bed time


Kate's Mom said...

Wow all the pictures were Awesome! I especially loved the before and after fireworks! Ethan is absolutely beautiful and seems like SUCH a fun little guy!

Shelby said...

Okay! So I just realized you have ANOTHER blog! I'm following this one too.. I need to know "all about Ethan!" He is adorable by the way.. I love his hair. I also just added this site to my blog roll!

It's so weird you saw that wedding pic being taken! :)