Monday, December 21, 2009

Ice Skating

A few weeks ago we decided to take Ethan ice skating.  He's been dying to go ever since we let him try on Marc's old skates one day.  We got to the rink and Marc took the skates into the Pro Shop to be sharpened.  The guy thought it was so cool that the skates were 30 years old! 

Once we got all suited up and stepped into the rink area, Ethan wasn't so excited.  Can you see the terror in his face?

After a lot of coaxing and some good old fashion trickery, we finally got him out there.  I was holding him and we would just gradually take a few steps closer to the ice.  When we were next to the door leading onto the rink, I distracted him as I stepped onto the ice.  Mind you, I don't skate well, so being on skates AND holding a wiggly 35 lb. toddler could have spelled disaster, but I am proud to say I kept my balance!  Once I was able to put him down, we convinced him to let Daddy take him to the door on the other side of the rink.  As soon as they got to the door..."Daddy, let's do it again!" 

My apologies for the blurry pictures (and the demon eyes).  I was trying to get a good one when I was told that I wasn't allowed to take pictures on the ice.

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