Monday, October 16, 2006

Introducing Ethan Ryan Spector

Ethan is here!!! And he came into the world with a bang! Here's the recap...

I started having contractions around 5:00 Saturday morning. At first I wasn't really sure if they were contractions so Marc got me a Tylenol and I tried to luck. I was just really uncomfortable. Around 7:00 am I started timing the contractions but there wasn't really a pattern to them. I kept this up for about 2 hours and then decided to call the doctor. The midwife told me to try to relax and take a warm bath. If the contractions slowed, we were ok. I called her back around 10:30 and told her that they were getting stronger and longer. She told me to go ahead and make my way to the hospital and they would call her when I got there.

Meanwhile, Marc was out running errands. Luckily we had family staying with us and Shelley kept me company the entire time. We called Marc and told him to come back to the house and then we started getting a few random things together. By the time we left the house, the contractions were probably less than 2 minutes apart. My water broke in the car right before we got to the hospital and not pushing was not an option. I tried my best to breathe, but it just wasn't happening. My body just kept screaming "PUSH!!"

We got to the hospital at 11:50 am. Marc helped me into the waiting room and the nice ladies kept telling me not to push. Well, they changed their tune when they saw that my water had broken. A nurse put me in a wheelchair and ran me into the delivery room. At 12:13 pm, Ethan was born. Yep, a whopping 23 minutes after we pulled up to the hospital. Needless to say, there was no time for a epidural or anything for that matter. There was only time to push. After about 12 pushes, he was here! Fast and furious!!

We spent the next two days in the hospital and now we are home. Marc is off for the entire week which is awesome! So far, the routine is pretty easy. Ethan eats every three hours and sleeps for most of the time in between.

Now it's time for Mom to take a nap before Ethan wakes up...


Anonymous said...

Way to Go Mom!!!!! You did awesome! No! Ethan is gorgeous. We can't wait to see him! Congratulations Amanda and Marc. These are such sweet days...soak up every minute.---Cindy

Mitzi said...

Congratulations on the birth of Ethan Ryan! I am so happy for you (and so jealous of your speedy delivery!). I know that you are so glad he's here. I look forward to meeting him in person soon.
Love Mitzi