Monday, March 07, 2011

Bowling Shoe Envy

I have bowling shoe envy.  There...I said it.  Marc and I were bowling a few weeks ago and a girl a few lanes over had on the cutest pink, black, and white bowling shoes.  I remember having the envious thought and then immediately thinking "Do I really have bowling shoe envy?"

We started bowling regularly about two months ago.  We have always loved to bowl, it just wasn't something we thought to do on a regular basis.  In December, Ethan was invited to a party at the bowling alley for his friend, Tyler.  A few weeks later, I got in touch with Tyler's mom and another mom from school and we set a bowling date.  And that's how it all started.

Now we bowl at least twice a month with the Shelnutt's...Tyler, his sister Savanna, mom Jen, and dad Brian.  We are considered regulars at the bowling alley and most of the staff knows us.  The adults all have our own balls and shoes.  The kids don't want to use bumpers any more.  Other people cheer on our kids.  It's like our own version of the show "Cheers."  Smack talk and high fives fly frequently as do dancing fingers and the happy dance.  It's the one sport that Marc and I can participate in together and he doesn't totally annihilate me.  I can (and do) actually hold my own and put up a score to beat.  I love it!  My child is learning patience, determination, and frustration.  But he's also learning courtesy, sportsmanship, and respect. 

I get made fun of at work for owning my own ball and shoes.  And I have actually had to add "bowling" as a category to our budget.  I love my sparkly ball and pink and white shoes (complete with a flame on the side) and wouldn't trade them, or the time we spend together bowling, for anything!


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