Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From the mouth...

I swear Ethan is the funniest kid I know, and I'm not trying to be biased. He really does say some of the funniest stuff. Here's the conversation that ensued at the dinner table last night after Marc gave Ethan his monkey-shaped vitamin...

Amanda: "Ethan, what does a monkey say?"
Ethan: "OO-AA"
Marc: "What does a monkey eat?"
Ethan: "BANANAS!"
Marc: "Do you eat bananas?"
Ethan: "Yes, I do. YUMMY!!"
Marc: "So, if a monkey eats bananas and you eat bananas, what does that make you?"
Ethan: (thinks for a second) "Full"

As most of you know, Marc shaved his head a few months ago. When Ethan asked him where his hair was, Marc said "I don't know!" So Ethan thinks it's lost. Well, a few weeks ago we are walking up the stairs and Ethan sees a clump of Sabo hair on the landing. He yells to Marc "DADDY! I found your hair!!" Fits of giggles ensue.

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