Monday, September 15, 2008

August - Busted nose, playdates, and a bath in the sink!

August started with a bang...literally!! The day after my car was involved in an accident (no one hurt!!), Ethan tripped in the back yard and went face first into the fence. Luckily, I was not outside to witness the happening, but I heard the crying and when I came downstairs, Marc was holding a paper towel to Ethan's nose that was covered in blood. Once the bleeding finally stopped and we cleaned him up, there wasn't even a scratch!! His nose did, however, almost double in size over the next 24 hours!
A few days later, we went to the doctor just to have everything checked out. The swelling was still pretty bad and the bruising was even worse! The doc told us that we didn't have to worry about a broken nose because at his age, the nose is still soft. He did recommend that we go for a CT scan to check for a possible deviated septum. I wasn't sure what to expect and was a little nervous.
We headed across the street to the imaging center and waited our turn. When Ethan's name was called, we walked back into a huge room with a table and the scanner. Thank goodness it wasn't a closed in tube type scanner. This one was a big circle about 6" wide. Ethan wasn't as pleased as I was. Asking him to stay still for any amount of time is like torture. The nurse told me that I could lay with him and that seemed to help. After a few passes through the machine, we were done!
A few hours later, the doctor called and told us that everything checked out fine with his nose, but he did have a sinus infection and he wanted us to follow up with the ENT. Marc took him for that appointment and Ethan got to take a hearing test. I was told it was a little spooky and Ethan seemed a bit uneasy. We learned that both tubes were completely out and there was more fluid in his ears. If the fluid is still there when we go back in October, we will discuss inserting tubes again.
Ethan's new toy for being such a trooper at the doctor's
Ethan had two play dates this month. Gabe and the Parkers came over and of course they had a great time. Then we went to a neighbor's house for a cook-in and Ethan got to play with Joey.
We spent the day at Nana & Papa's house and Gram came over, too. Ethan had fun helping Papa feed the fish, playing with Gram, and chowing down on spaghetti. After dinner, Nana gave Ethan a quick bath in the kitchen sink.
We have started potty training again. Ethan wears pull-up diapers at home and loves to pick which one he will wear...there are race cars and baseball! While Ethan sits on the toilet, we read "Click Clack Moo." No luck just yet, but we're trying!! In other news, we've converted the crib into a toddler bed and his pacifiers are no more!!! I have to admit that taking away the paci was so much easier than we thought it would be.

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