Wednesday, July 02, 2008

June - Father's Day, Potty, Haircut, and More New Toys!

Playing with Buzz...this used to be Hunter's

Daddy makes a comfy chair

June was a busy month! We started the month off buying Ethan his very own potty!! He's started telling us when he goes (sometimes) so we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and get him used to the new potty. He's also moved up to the Toddler class at school and they have a really potty (just miniature sized) and they get the kids to sit on it at every diaper change. Occasionally he'll ask to sit on the potty, but it only lasts for a few seconds. But it's still progress, right?!?!?!

I know he'll kill me later for this picture, but I can't resist!!

Father's Day started a week early for us. Grandpa and Jimmy came to visit for the weekend. We had fun swimming at the pool and watching Marc's soccer game. On Sunday, almost the entire family came up for a cookout. Ethan had a great time playing ball with Jimmy and Grandpa. He can even say "Grandpa" now!

My Grandma, Grandpa (my dad), Ethan, and Me

Ethan playing catch with Jimmy

On Father's Day, we went to Aunt RaRa's house to hang with the Spector clan. We had a relaxing day swimming and teaching Ethan how to hit a baseball (new toy #1 for the month). Ethan is still not loving the water. But we are still working on it! He did get in for a few minutes with Aunt MeMe, but it didn't last long.

Daddy teaching Ethan to swing the bat

The following weekend we took Ethan to get his haircut again. And I am pleased to say that this time he did so much better than last. The stylist let Ethan play with her water bottle which kept him happy and occupied and got her all wet! It's a cute cut, but I have to admit that I miss the shaggy hair.
Before the cut

And after! He looks like a big boy!

Ethan's other new toy is a basketball hoop. He's not quite tall enough, so he'll use his little step stool to shoot. He definitely takes after Marc with his athletic abilities!!

This past weekend Ethan and I took a trip to Alabama to visit my friend Cindy and her family. Ethan was a little shy and timid at first, but he seemed to turn around on Saturday. Cindy's husband Kacey wrangled the kids all day on Saturday so Cindy and I could work on our scrapbooks. Ethan had a great time with Olivia and Harrison. I could tell though that he was happy to be home. He ran like crazy for about 2 hours and then crashed out on the couch.
Ethan and Olivia

Crashed out on the couch at home after a long weekend

We hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the ones of him and Olivia. Ethan is a maniac in the tub! Also the haircut shots are great!!

love, Cindy