Monday, June 18, 2007

8 Months and Mobile


Kissin Daddy

On the stopping him now!

Daddy pushing Ethan around in the laundry basket

Trying to get the hang of the sippy cup


Shaking his head "NO!"

Well, here we are at 8 months and boy, have we been busy! The last month has been full of new things are lots of firsts for Ethan...and us for that matter!

In the last month alone, Ethan has learned to crawl (all hands and knees now, no belly!), pull himself up on the coffee table, clap, say "ma ma ma" and "da da da", and go from laying to sitting by himself. He also went swimming for the first time on Memorial Day and he LOVED it!!

In the last month, Marc and I have learned that nothing is all goes in the mouth. We kinda knew that before, but now we can add shoes to the list. We've also learned that there can be nothing within arms reach on the coffee table, and drool looks great on the couch!

We started the month with bad news...Ethan's ear infections were back. We've tried a different antibiotic and go back to the doctor Wednesday to find out if we are all clear. If not, we'll start thinking about tubes. The good news is that the infections are all inner-ear, so we don't have to worry about swimming and getting water in his ears.

Another first this month...Ethan's first bruise! We knocked his cheek on the coffee table and out came the bruise. It's hard to let him fall and get hurt, but I know he has to learn. And I think he is. He's been a lot more careful lately about letting go of the table.

Last weekend, Ethan and I took a road trip to Alabama to visit Cindy, Kacey, and Olivia. They are expecting a little boy in August, so we went for the baby shower and had a great weekend. The picture of us swimming was taken at Cindy's parents' house.

This past weekend, the day care had a cookout for Father's Day. Marc and Ethan went and had a great time (I had to work). They won a dance contest and played the night away. On Sunday we went to Robyne's for Father's Day. Ethan had a blast swimming and wore his "My Daddy is a Super Hero" shirt.

We hope everyone is well and had a fantastic Father's Day. See you next month!!

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Mitzi said...

Ethan is changing and growing so much...he's such a cutie! Don't you just love being a Mommy and Daddy?!? I know you are thrilled to hear him say your name.
Hint: when he's about 4-5 yrs old, you will wish you could change your name!! I know Sophie says "Mama" at least 30 times a day!
I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer! Since Ethan loves the water, please come swim in our pool anytime. We get in almost every day, and we just got a new liner. Come see us!
Love, Mitzi